Monday, May 29, 2017

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What is Website Hosting?

In very simple terms getting your website on the INTERNET for everyone to access from anywhere is called website hosting.

Every website that you have ever seen, or will ever see is actually stored on a server computer placed in a Data Center located somewhere in the world.

When you type the address of that website in your browser's address bar, the website is fetched from that server to your computer's browser. Just like that, your website will be placed on a server somewhere too. That is known as website hosting.

Web Hosting Provider

A Web Hosting provider will sell its services as monthly or yearly subscription for its users to host their websites on their servers.The provider who is the owner of the server where you want your website to be stored or "hosted" is called the web host.

There are different kinds of Hosting Services.

Shared Hosting: This is the cheapest option available for personal or small websites. In shared hosting, there will be hundreds of websites hosted that share the resources.

Dedicated Hosting: This one is expensive when compared to shared hosting, The whole server will be dedicated to your website and the performance will be much better. It is ideal for large/corporate websites with a lot of visitors.